vegetarian menu

Takeout Ordering

due to our small kitchen, orders are limited, and sometimes unavailable

Online Ordering

Same day ordering begins at 12:01 AM

Phone Orders

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Curbside pickup, call upon arrival.


*spicy cauliflower   15.
tossed with spicy sauce, served with blue cheese, and celery chips

shitake bao buns (2)    15.
filled with soy glazed shitake mushrooms, julienne vegetables, and siracha mayo

**hummus  15.
with za’atar, extra virgin olive oil, cucumbers and warm naan


sacchetti      20. petite / 26. entrée
cheese filled pasta, with roasted tomato, olives, spinach and white wine/garlic butter

roasted shitake and bok choy        20. petite / 26. entrée
served with sticky rice, wasabi, caramelized soy & pickled ginger (vegan)

*vegan bowl        20. petite / 26. entrée
hummus, wild rice, roasted beets, cauliflower and herb-roasted tomatoes; with fresh cucumber and cilantro; topped with tahini sauce

chickpea hash bowl        20. petite / 26. entrée
spinach, potato, cauliflower, and chickpea hash, served over white rice with harissa-lemon aioli and vegetables

*gluten free items / our blue cheese is gluten free
** gluten free option available