our story

Bullfinchs family outside restaurantBullfinchs was started in 1981 by Tom and Peggy Richardson. They moved to Sudbury in the mid-70s. Tom was co-founding the Ski Market in Boston. At that time, they owned three restaurants in the Albany area. In 1981 our space became available, and Tom and Peggy opened Bullfinchs, originally named after an antique piece of etched glass that read “no. 8 bullfinch place”. The glass was sadly broken before opening, but the name lived on. Tom left Bullfinchs in the mid-80s, and Peggy carried on. In the late 80s, her son Scott took the position of chef. He grew up in the restaurant business, starting as a dishwasher and worked every other job in the restaurant. Peggy and Scott worked together until 2022, when Peggy retired. Scott’s wife Terry has been at Bullfinchs since 1990. First as a bartender, now as our accountant, head mixologist, gardener, and overall head of style. There has been a third generation at Bullfinchs for almost ten years, Scott’s son Ben now manning the kitchen, and his wife Adella in charge of front of house.