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appetizers & small meals

salmon tacos   14.
zesty fried salmon nestled in two soft flour tortillas with lime aioli, tomato, shredded lettuce, scallion and cilantro

*spicy cauliflower   14.
tossed with spicy sauce, served with blue cheese, and celery chips

vegetable dumplings    14.
six crispy dumplings; served with a trio of dipping sauces; chili, honey ginger, caramelized soy

pizza    14.

goat cheesey fries  14.
fried potatoes, topped with bacon, rosemary, and scallions; with a goat cheese cream sauce

lamb meat balls    14.
whipped feta, roasted tomato, sriracha, and naan

ahi tuna     16.
seared and sliced. served with wonton, seaweed salad, cucumber, sriracha aioli, and soy

bang bang shrimp   14.
fried baby shrimp. served with sweet chili aioli, topped with scallion and sesame seeds

*mussels     14.
prince edward island mussels tossed with white wine garlic butter, diced tomato, scallions & mushroom

fried goat cheese  14.
with rosemary, and honey, served with toasted bread

hummus  14.
topped with za’atar, and evoo; with cucumber, and focaccia

salads & soups

today’s soup     7.

french onion soup     8.

blue cheese salad    12.
romaine, tomatoes, bacon, croutons, blue cheese, and blue cheese dressing

*apple salad     14.
roasted apples, walnuts, cider vinaigrette, over greens

caesar salad     12.
romaine, fresh grated parmesan, white anchovies, homemade croutons with caesar dressing

*beet salad       12.
greens, crispy quinoa, goat cheese, and orange vinaigrette

*bullfinchs salad    12.
gourmet greens with the richardson family vinaigrette; goat cheese, spicy pecans, and dried cranberries


*trout française        25.
with a lemon/caper beurre blanc, wild rice and vegetables
wine pairing: gavi, la scolca bianco secco, piedmont, it

*lamb rack chops
two chops     32.     three chops     38.
marinated and grilled; with a rosemary potato, and apple hash; topped with a dijon mustard, mint glaze. Served with vegetables.
wine pairing: valpolicella, secco-bertani 2015 italy

*ben’s black and blue filet mignon
eight ounce     40.
topped with a blend of cracked, black pepper, savory blue cheese, and extra virgin olive oil; over crashed potatoes and crispy fried leeks
wine pairing: izadi, tempranillo     

*short ribs
four ounce     30.         eight ounce     38.
Topped with red wine reduction. Served with horseradish/sour cream, and cheddar crashed potatoes, and vegetables
wine pairing: merlot, chasing rain, washington

pork osso bucco        36.
braised shank, with apple chutney and honey ginger sauce; served with crashed potatoes and vegetables
wine pairing: pinot noir, dough, oregon 

*roasted half duck    34.
served with wild rice, cranberry/orange sauce and vegetable
wine pairing: cǒtes du rhǒne, vidal-fleury 2017, france

pecan chicken
five ounce      22.     ten ounce 28.
pecan crusted chicken breast with squash ravioli, and goat cheese cream sauc. Topped with bacon, craisins, and parmesan. Served with vegetables
wine pairing: unoaked chardonnay, mer soleil silver, ca.    

**maddy’s tuna
four ounce      24.     eight ounce 32.
ahi tuna crusted with black & white sesame seeds; served with sticky rice, bok choy, and grilled shiitake mushrooms; with caramelized soy and wasabi
wine pairing: riesling, weingut markus huber

four ounce     24.     eight ounce     32.
seared salmon filet with wild rice, roasted beets, cauliflower, and herb roasted tomato. Served with a green goddess dressing
wine pairing: carol shelton wild thing, viognier

side dishes     5.

potato/scallion waffles, homemade frites, fresh seasonal vegetables, japanese sticky rice with shiitakes & soy & pickled ginger, grilled baby bok choy with sesame seed and soy, garlic roasted broccolini, wild rice

*gluten free items / our blue cheese is gluten free
** gluten free option available